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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  January 7, 2018 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. >> and we are without words. >> a hero's heart break. philadelphia firefighters are remembering one of their own killed in the line every duty. >> the cold still not loosening its grip on our area but there is an end in site. this is a live look this morning, from hotel bethlehem. we will tell when you we should see temperatures rise above that freezing mark. >> someone hit the powerball jackpot, where the winning ticket matching all of the numbers were sold, plus good news if you bought a ticket in new jersey. judge today is sunday, january n carabeo. shear meteorologist, chelsey ingram. good morning, chelsey, so cold out there. but there is a light at the
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end of the tub snell. >> light at the end of the tunnel, but believe it or not, jan, even colder compared to yesterday morning if we thought yesterday morning could be even colder but not nearly as much wind as we dealt with, as we started out your saturday, that's going to be the trend, heading into the afternoon, as well, but still going to be down right cold out there. let me show you some numbers across the region. 6 degrees right now in philadelphia. 3 degrees in wilmington. that actually is tying the record low temperature for today. atlantic city now checking in at 0 degrees, easily breaking the old records there, also, new record low set in atlantic city and trenton tying the record low temperature for the day today. right now check checking in at two, the poconos, 6 degrees, below zero. and it feels even colder when you factor in the combination of winds and cold air, even though not nearly dealing with as much wind as yesterday. feels more like 8 degrees below zero in philadelphia, eight below in wilmington,
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nine below in allentown, so everybody dealing with the sub -zero windchills once again , that's why windchill advisories remain in effect until 10:00 this morning. so, the records to beat in philadelphia: that's 4 degrees setback in 2014. not quite there yet. 2 degrees shy. but i'm keeping an eye on that number this morning. what to expected to? possible record cold. some spots already dealing with that. less wind, so not going to be as brutal even though it is still going to be very cold day, high temperatures in the teens and 20's, all be it with plenty of sunshine, there is an ends in site to this brutal cold. i'll have details coming up in your full forecast. jan? >> chelsey, thank you. 7:02. a water main break has shut down the vine street expressway in both directions, this break happened under the 17th street bridge, where the water spilled there, and turned into ice. now, philadelphia police are detouring westbound traffic on the vine street expressway to the broad street exit. it is closed the entire lent eastbound, we will update the road conditions there, in just a few minutes. philadelphia firefighters
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are mourning the loss of one of their own, as they investigate the row home fire that claimed his life and the life after resident. "eyewitness news" reporter, anita oh, liver in the cbs-3 news center this morning to bring us to up date. good morning, anita. >> good morning, jan, while the cause of the fire is still under investigation, the effect of it are very much being felt across our region. authorities are not release the name of the civilian killed in the row home fire but they did announce devastating loss of long time firefighter, 42 year old lieutenant matt letourneau. saluted as procession left temple university hospital yesterday morning. that is where letourneau had been pinned under debris due to partial clams in the row home. officials say more than 100 firefighters worked to rescue him, and while they did, his head injuries were too severe to survive. this fire broke out just before 9:00 yesterday morning on the 2200 block of north colorado street, colleagues say, letourneau had been dedicated firefighter since a
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teenager, first in springfield , then later here in philadelphia. >> he was a super firefighter and he will be sadly missed. >> learning more from those who knew him about his commit ment to the job, his love of animals and his dedication to protecting those around him. funeral arrangement for letourneau have not been announced. anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. >> philadelphia police are looking for a gunman and a motive after a deadly shooting at a red light. >> man pronounced dead at the scene, second person in the car was also critically wounds the. >> well, crews have repaired yet another broken water main, this one on philadelphia's east mt. airy neighborhood. this break happened on the 1100 block of up saul street. crews spread salt to make sure
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that water not turn into ice. pgw has made repairs after a gas leak in west philadelphia. it briefly forced neighbors hundred below block of hobart street and cobbs creek out of the houses around 3:00 saturday morning. septa sent buses so neighbors could worm up. fortunately no one was hurt. >> from georgia to main, yesterday, new york city airport tide and broke single digit record lows it, doesn't factor in the wind. temperatures should start rising after this morning, though, correspondent brook silva bragga reports. >> the coal takes over your whole house, that is has taken over sections of the whole country. >> felt like we're in the middle of siberia or something . >> many complain they spent
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the night in the terminal without flight information or sack zest to their bags. >> this is the wore ending to the holiday season here in new york. >> mount washington new hampshire the windchill was 906789 air temp minus 37, blowing a bubble and watching it freeze, that was pretty cool, too. , guess odes by the appearances, the river isn't safe to walk across, no such concerns for ice skaters in chicago. >> i want to go back to texas. >> but parts of the south are chilly, too. >> cruisers on the norwegian break away sailed into the storm during their return trip from the bahamas to new york, passengers say the ship started leaking, the cruise line apologized saying the weather was worse than they expected. >> i'll never go on any type of boat again in my life after this. >> correspondent brook silva bragga reporting. now, new york city added 450 warm beds for the homeless, but, advocate say homelessness
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is still at record high there. they say many homeless people are still waking up outside in the cold. >> pennsylvania turnpike restriction seans: 6% more whether with with cash or e-zpass, tenth straight year for price hikes there. the pennsylvania commission says it needs the money for improvement on the highway. >> eagles versus the falcons in the playoffs, atlanta advanced after defeating the los angeles rams yesterday. >> kick offer saturday afternoon at 4:35 at the linc. eagles have home field advantage, as the nfc top seed , and we'll have much more on this match up, coming up in sports. >> someone broke the powerball drawing, one winning ticket from new hampshire. with a jackpot worth $570 million. one ticket in new jersey,
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though, matched all but the powerball number. and that's enough to win $1 million, so just in case you have that ticket, here are the winning numbers: twelve, 29, 30, 33, 61, the powerball is 26. the jackpot for wednesday's drawing now resets to $40 million. >> jackpot $40 million. now the win can take one time, the lump sum payment, or, a he or she rather has 180 days to claim the prize money. >> well, it has been several days since winter storm slams the northeast. but this morning, people at new york's jfk airport are still dealing with headaches from that storm. we will tell you the reason behind all of this mess. >> plus: people in new jersey react, after the garden state becomes the only state in the country that doesn't let drivers pump their own gas.
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hear from them, when " eyewitness news" continues. cbs presented by target.... there's nothing more rewarding than achieving a hard earned goal. that's why target supports students run philly style. we work with kids to teach them the skills they need to achieve and set goals through marathon training. giving back has been part of our dna, so, the more we stay involved, the more we're being true to ourselves as a corporate partner.
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>> back on "eyewitness news," house destroyed after a five alarm fire that happened last night, in dorchester, massachusetts. firefighters say 14 people live in in this three family house. everyone made it out safely. no one was hurt. crews there did have to bat the the l the fire. you can see water there, froze , as firefighters battled
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the flames. >> new york jfk international airport is trying to ease the backlog of flights, following thursday's winter storm. international travel letters, arriving at the airport saturday, experienced delays in travel and retrieving baggage. >> three international terminals, some travelers say they've been waiting up to 20 hours. >> now it is just going all down the drain, because i just can't leave. >> port authority of new york and new jersey says it is working with airlines, and the faa to limit flights into kennedy until there are adequate gate available to handle that backlog. >> shoppers in seattle are grappling with something shoppers here in philly are pretty familiar w the new soda tax, now, their tax is 1.75. per ounce. that's on sugar sweetened drinks. for a taste of coca-cola, cosco store now charging $7
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more, the tax is not applied to diet drinks, though, some people are feeling sticker shock. >> i knew it would be high but not that crazy high. >> causes diabetes, sugary drinks, will go down, and we fully expect that to be the case. >> now the money going toward education and programs that help people in need by fruits and vegtables, seattle expects to raise million dollars. >> the from the tax this year, philadelphia introduced its sugary drink tax a year ago, our tax 1.5 sent per ounce. if you have to drive in this cold, you're probably running from your front door to your car right, then turning the heat all the way up. but, this cold is clearly not bothering a man in road island take a look at this. john pratt lives in kranston, just outside of providence, he drives a mercedes benz convertible, and here he is, in that convertible in the snow with the top down. what's wrong with him?
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this video is from thursday, when the winter storm was bearing down throughout the northeast, so he might not be phased by the snow. it looks like the car is definitely having a hard time with it. >> you know, some people, they just want that viral video, chelsey, because i don't know about that. >> you know what? one time when was younger my dad and i, he had the top down in his convertible, coming back from a soccer tournament, he, it was snowing, way living in north carolina which was super rare, so we wanted to show my mom how cool we were with the top down. but didn't have the viral video application that we do now for sure. but yes, funny scene there. another very snowy scene on our liver neighborhood network here, boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. snow on the san. snow on the boardment you can see footprints where people had been walking. very cold scene. in fact, you would think we are in the dead of winter right now. but we really aren't. we haven't even made it to the coldest time on average of the year. that is going to arrive friday , january 12th through the 25th on average, the colds
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he is time period, here in philadelphia, the average high temperature right around 40. the average low, 25. well, our temperatures well above this. as we led into the upcoming work week, temperatures will be rising, and by friday, talking 50's, in the forecast, believe it or not, during what's typically the coldest time of the year. so, something for all of us to look forward to. 6 degrees, right now, in philadelphia. not quite a record. but very close, just 2 degrees shy, keeping an eye on that, though, new record now in wilmington, new record in atlantic city, low temperature , that is, tying a record low, in trenton, allentown, right around 1:00. reading right around 1:00. so we do have plenty of records that are in jep aired this morning, and some of them , as you can see, have already been broken, keeping an eye on philadelphia, though , still has potential to drop another degree or so. but we might not break that record this morning, and reading, zero, so just 1 degrees shy of the current standing record. i'm watching that number very closely, casino every fun to watch this morning.
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wind right now, coming out of the west, not nearly as bad as they were yesterday this time. so it is not going to feel as brutal headed into the afternoon. but still going to be a down right cold day. and of course, even with just little bit of winds, it is making it feel that much colder outside. so the feels-like temperature more like eight below in philadelphia. eight below in wilmington. pretty much below zero for everybody with the exception of dover, checking in at two. but i feel like when it feels that cold it, really doesn't even matter what the number says, right? nine below allentown, 23 degrees below zero. that's what it feels like in the poconos. so that's why we have windchill alert that are in place. we still have windchill warnings in place for our carbon, monroe counties, up in the poconos, and then weaver windchill advisories for everybody else, until 10:00 this morning. so, dangerous cold starting out your sunday, but it is not going to feel as brutal headed into the afternoon. you can look for high temperature right around 18 degrees, bun the sun won't
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help to warm us up. by tomorrow, though, we make it above freezing, in fact, much of the day temperatures will be hovering right around freezing, that's going to cause some problems. we will talk about why in just a movement 40 degrees, headed into tuesday, and wednesday, 40's, i should say, then 51 headed into thursday and friday. actually looks even little warmer than that, during what's believed to be the coldest time of the year. storm scan3, showing that we have clear skies across the region right now, zooming out to the west, though, next system that we're monitoring for monday. that's going to be arriving as we head into the afternoon, evening commute home, so that's going to be very problematic. showing you what i am talking about here, seeing good amount of cloud cover as we start out your day monday. then here comes that system. notice, we have a lot of pink on the map. that will indicates wintery mix right along i-95. here we are at 4:00. we could be talking about freezing rain and the picture, not expecting a lot in the way of accumulation, but just enough to cause some serious problems. the grounds coal, also dealing
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with just a little bit of that freezing rain, which will be seriously problematic. temperatures hovering right around 32 degrees, some snow may mix in, good accumulations generally going to be very light. but as i told you, just little bit of ice can cause those major problems, your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, look at this, january, 56 degrees, as we head into friday. >> i'm loving. that will thank you, chelsey. 7:18. time to see how traffic is moving along. here is matthew workmizer in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> thank you, jan, this morning, not starting on good note. we have a water main break in philadelphia on the vine expressway to start at 4:00 a.m. this morning. water made its way from the 17th street overpass down to the vine street expressway, which is closed between broad street and the schuylkill expressway in both directions. eastbound must exit at broad street. turning now to the schuylkill expressway, at the vine expressway, as you see on this screen, eastbound traffic is restricted from using the ramp to the vine street expressway. know also the westbound traffic on the schuylkill ramp
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is also closed. we have another water main break, that just occurred, due to the cold temperatures, in warwick township. on stoney road, between meyer way and turkey trot road. the road is closed as crews try to stop the flow of water so they will be able to start drying off the road, before the water freezes. live from the traffic, cbs-3 traffic center, matthew work mizer, back to you. >> matthew, thank you. new law in oregon has people all across the country talking , the beaver state now requires drivers in certain counties thereto pump their own gas. and that means, new jersey is now the only state in the nation to ban self-serve stations, so how would new jersey drivers feel if the law ever changed here? our nicole brewer has the reaction. >> in new jersey, it is the norm. getting your gas pumped for you. >> always. since i was a baby. >> but on january fives, the garden state became the only state where pumping your own gas is still illegal.
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>> really, no, i didn't know that because that's because oregon began allowing self-service as select stands alone stations this year. >> no. >> some organs are not having it, now viral facebook post from local tv station k tv l many rejected the change complaining they smell of gas or worse, become injured while fueling up. >> what were the reactions in. >> want to know what's so hazardous ordaining russ about it? >> just don't want to get out and pump their gas. >> others, simply weren't cable recall. >> we go on road trips, pull up to gas station, are you sure downing it? are you sure you know how? because he grew upper. >> which made us wonder. what would new jersians react if their state decided to pull their full service pump privileges? >> i would be on social media, too. >> i would be on a pump your own gas if you can. >> right now just too colds to go out there and pump it. >> nicole brewer, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." not going to lie. i do like gassing up across the bridge, new jersey's gas
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law officially known as the retail gasoline dispensing safety act, it was passed back in 1949 and site personal safety issues and health concerns, effort to get rid of it haven't had much support. understandably so. all right, you may have noticed people coughing, sneezing or simply calling out a lot sick at work? we are in the thick of flu season. just how widespread the flu is , in our region right now. >> coming up after the break.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news," and on the health watch this morning, there has been big increase in the number of flu cases in pennsylvania in the past week alone. now, a total of six deaths have been reported related to inch flew seen. health reporter, stephanie stahl, has more on that, and on a new pole on the flu vaccine. >> the latest map from the cdc shows the flu widespread across much of the country including in pennsylvania. inch flew seen is most dangerous and deadly for the elderly, new pole says, nursing homes and other long- term care facilities should do more to protect against the flu. paula, clinical nurse specialist. >> most of the patients that we have are chronically ill. so we want them to receiver the vaccine. we ask the staff in the hospital to receive the vaccine, as well. >> the pole also shows most older adults want nursing
7:25 am
homes and other facilities to require flu shots for staff and patients. >> they are the ones most likely to have complications and including hospitalizations, as well as deaths. we mostly worry about serious respiratory illness, especially, pneumonia. >> here is the most recent numbers available locally, in pennsylvania, there are 6,221 confirmed cases, new jersey has just over 1300, and in delaware, there are 225 people with influenza. the actual numbers are probably higher, because most people with the flu are not tested. the cdc says the influenza a virus, known as h3n2, is dominating this season. that typically causes increased hospitalizations and deaths in older adult, and young children, and vaccines, are lessee negative. >> there are some seasons where the vaccine is not going to be as good as others. but it is still important to get a vaccine each year. >> pennsylvania's acting health secretary said the current extreme cold weather is not expected to affect the flu.
7:26 am
and that even though there has been spike recently, it has been pretty average influenza season so far. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." and still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news": milder temperatures are on the way, thank goodness, but we still have to get through sub- freezing windchills this morning. this is a live look, from ocean city, and nice sunrise out there. we will tell you how soon those milder conditions will be here with us. >> and a pennsylvania police chief is behind bars today. the shocking crime the attorney general is accusing him of.
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>> today is sunday january 7th good morning, i'm jan carabeo. we are still dealing with this brutal cold, but the ends is in site. meteorologist, chelsey ingram, here with the eyewitness weather forecast, hi, kelly. >> high there, jan, good morning, everyone, yes, brutal ends is in site. let me take you down to cape may, we start out this morning , i show you look at very snowy scene out there, that camera is atop the montreal inn. not able to get it out for you but we will get it for in you just a bit. we take you to temperatures now, here you go, see the snowy scene on the ground. they received a lot more snow than we did here in philadelphia. very cold morning indeed as we start out this sunday, 6 degrees right now in
7:30 am
philadelphia. it is one below in millville. 7 degrees in wildwood. zero right now in atlantic city. a new record low temperature for those folks. two in trenton. tying record low. one in allentown. six below currently in mount pocono. of course it feels much colder when you factor in the wind. windchill value around 8:00 in philadelphia, eight in wilmington, 2 degrees in dover , so that's the only spot i can finds with the win chill values actually above zero. for this reason, we have windchill advisories, that remain in effect across the region, say, this is until 10:00 as we head into the 10:00 hour this morning, so, throughout the day, 14 by noon , 18 as we head into 3:00, the good news, jan, is we won't be dealing with nearly as much wind as we dealt with yesterday. so it is not going to feel as brutal, but still going to be very cold, we will talk about warm up on the way in just a bit. back to you. >> baby steps, chelsey, baby stems. thank you. 7:30 now. water main break is forcing a detour from the vine street expressway this morning, a
7:31 am
pipe burst underneath a 17 street bridge, and the water turned to ice. expressway traffic eastbound is closed the entire lent, westbound traffic is exiting at broad street. we have an update from the cbs-3 traffic center coming up in just a few minutes. hailed a hero. a philadelphia firefighter is killed battling a row home fire that also killed a resident. and now, investigators are looking for the clues, as to how that fire started. "eyewitness news" reporter, anita oh, liver in the cbs-3 news center this morning, hi, anita. >> hi, jan, meantime we are learning more about this firefighter and just how dedicated he was. he was a 11 year veteran of the philadelphia fire department. but spent much longer than that protecting others. as just a teenager he started volunteering with the spring fields fire company in delaware county now the community is mourning his lost , and the loss of a civilian killed in that blaze. >> fellow first responders old homily saluted as they left temple university hospital
7:32 am
saturday, honoring one of their own, fallen firefighter lieutenant matt letourneau. >> we are without words. >> just before 9:00 saturday morning, letourneau and dozens of other firefighters rounds two alarm row home blaze on the 2200 block of north colorado street. fire commissioner adam says when part of the home collapsed, debris pinned down the 42 year old. >> he was never alone. the rescue effort started almost immediately. >> more than 100 of his fellow firefighters worked to get him out. and though they did officials say his head injuries were too severe to survive. >> our hearts are breaking. >> colleagues command letourneau as dedicated firefighter one who had spent more than 25 years volunteering with the springfield fire company and later served 11 years with philadelphia's engine 45. he was also an active instructor at the delaware county emergency services training center. >> he was absolutely a leader. and just a super knowledgeable firefighter. he will be sadly sadly missed. >> now hail him as hero,
7:33 am
testament to the risk first responders face in other to protect others. >> to say that matt died doing what he loved is hard, but i'm also very proud of matt. he led people. he led a group of firefighters , trying to save someone's life. >> two other firefighters were also hurt in that blaze, as was cents a neighbor who was at last check in critical condition. now, at this hour, officials are not releasing the name of the civilian killed in the fire. and funeral arrangements, for letourneau, have not yet been announced. for now liver in the cbs-3 news center, anita oh, cbs-3 " eyewitness news." >> keep us to up date, thank youment. >> well, another row home fire , this one in west philadelphia, is also under investigation. firefighters returned to the 2200 block of 63rd street, saturday morning, they had this fire under control in just about an hour, fortunately, no one was hurt. >> this morning, a pennsylvania police chief is in jail. he is accused every sending sexual messages to someone who he believed was a 14 year old
7:34 am
girl. forty year old michael debold police chief the leach berg outside of pittsburgh, the attorney general's office has been running a sting operation against him for months. they say he sent suggestive pictures under the name cute cop for you. investigators arrested him at a place in westmoreland county where he hoped to meet with that girl. >> understand that this man, this police chief, was going thereto that location with some hope of having a sexual relationship with a minor. >> debold is popular in the community, as women, his arm was self neared fireworks accident in the summer. the public rallied around him after that accident and raised thousands of dollars for his medical expenses. in other news today, president trump again blasted michael wolff author of white house tell-all book. the president blamed weak liable laws for allowing people to say whatever they want without retribution, but
7:35 am
as laura padesta reports, wolf f is not backing down. >> president trump says his track record proves he is a stable genius. despite accusations in the book, fire and fury, claiming he is mentally unfit for office. >> very excellent student. came out, made billions and billions of dollars, became one of the top business people >> the president along with members of his cabinet and top republican leaders held meetings at camp david to layout the framework for their 2018 agenda saturday. in the book, michael wolff portrays the president's mental fitness as child like, and the white house as a place of dysfunction and chaos. >> i have recordings, i have notes, i am certainly and absolutely in every way comfortable with everything i've reported in this book. >> mr. trump blamed former chief white house strategist, steve ban on, for allowing wolff access to white house staffers. >> i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white
7:36 am
house quite a bit. and it was one of those things , that's why sloppy steve is now looking for a job >> standing by his book, he believes the revelationses in it could be the downfall plaintiff trump's presidency. >> the story that i told seems to present this presidency in such a way that can't do this job, the emperor has no clue. suddenly, everywhere, people are going oh, my god, it is true. he has no close. >> mr. trump calls the book fiction. laura pedestrian"eyewitness news." >> still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news": claude giroux struggled last season after surgery, but now, the captain is starting to look like him old self. his big day as the flyers take on the st. louis blues, that's next in sports.
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>> broken record, seriously, every day, it has been getting colder and colder there is morning, the colds he is morning of it all, with record low temperatures in some spots , and near record lows, in others. let's talk about some of this cold air. this is allen. he is showing us another picture there is morning, every his weather station, where he lives. 3 degrees, the good news, no windchills. so, it feels like 3 degrees in his backyard, and in his neighborhood.
7:40 am
let me show you some temperatures now across the region. thank you guys so much. by the way for waking up with thus morning, andrew in medford says it is 1 degree below zero, a windchill, actual air temperature where he lives, bill in pennsylvania , three below, dolores in newark, six below. kenneth in willingboro, right around 4:00. james in ocean city five. so as you can see, some spots checking in below zero. some spots above zero. but, it is so cold, the bitter cold continues, as we head into sunday. let's take you now to some numbers across the rest of the region here. 6 degrees right now in philadelphia. not quite a record low there. in fact, 2 degrees shy from that. two in wilmington, that's new record low temperature. three in millville. six in wildwood. zero right now in atlantic city. that also is a new record temperature this morning, a lot of records in jeopardy, the morning hours, we're talking single digits, below zero for some spots. i didn't break a record in allentown, we are one agree shy in reading, still keeping
7:41 am
close eye on the number, still potential there, real fun to watch these numbers this morning, yes, trenton, wilmington, atlantic city either broke or tied the record low temperature for the day today, with this bitter, bitter cold. winds speeds as you can see coming out of the wet anywhere from five to 10 miles per hour only takes a little bit of winds, to make it feel that much colder out there. when we talk about the combination every cold, wind, we mean the windchill, with values below zero, most locations, with the exception of dover, right now checking in with windchill value of it. -- two. eight below feels like in wilmington, nine below in millville. windchill advisory remain in effect for the delaware valley headed into the 10:00 hour today. so dangerous windchills, to start out sunday morning once again. forecast high temperatures headed into the afternoon, looking at teens and 20's across the map, all depending on where you liver, even poconos will check in right around 16 degrees, that's serious improvement from
7:42 am
yesterday. and the wind will be not as bad. so, not going to be as brutal headed into the afternoon. now, beyond today, we finally break out of this bitter cold blast. making it above freezing, just barely, though, monday. then we're in the four's by tuesday, wednesday, headed into thursday, then eventually , the what's typically considered the coldest time frame of the year , on average, actually going to be well above average with high temperatures in the 50's. storm scan3, shows we got clear skies out there this morning. across the delaware, and the lehigh valley, but i draw your attention out to the west, where we watch our next system there is could bring us wintery mix, as is we head into monday, and the timing, very poor on this, it could happen during the afternoon and evening rush, so that could cause some serious problems on the roads. i'll show you what i am talking b we will see the clouds on the increase really headed into monday morning, they continue to thicken up, dry for the morning commute, and look what happens. here we are at 4:00 watching the system fly through. won't bring us ton until are
7:43 am
in the way of accumulation, allentown, poconos, dealing with snow, right along i95 we are hovering right along the freezing mark, so we could deal with some freezing rain, in the picture tour there is could be very problematic, temperatures hovering around freezing, some snow could mix in, accumulations generally light, but when we talk ice, even though it is less than tent after inch, could cause some serious serious problems, for those commuters on the roads, be minds full of. that will eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 45 tuesday , 40 wednesday, jan, 56 on friday. everyone so excited about that do you love watching the weather well you can be featured in the newscast by becoming eyewitness weather watcherment sign up now at >> chelsey, thank you. >> time now, 7:43. time to get a check on the roads and highways, let's go over to matthew workmizer in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, matthew. >> thank you, jan, good morning. i do have some good news for you. looking live in philadelphia
7:44 am
on the vine street expressway broad street, salt trucks arrived on scene and pouring rice to break up the ice and water. see water across the roadway middle of the screen, right at the under pass of the vine expressway, at 17th street. there was broken water main, which had closed, which has closed the vine expressway, between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. the schuylkill expressway eastbound and web ramps due. due to freezing temperatures another water main break in warwick township on stoney road, between meyer way and turkey trot road. trying to clean up the road as water starts to freeze faking this dangerous situation. you might want to use caution if you find yourself this area turning to the delaware river, taking live look at the ben franklin bridge. beautiful view as always, now the past three days, four main bridges out of philadelphia
7:45 am
into new jersey hits speed restrictions of 35 miles per hour, as of early this morning , all bridges are back to normal at posted speeds. live from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm matthew work mizer , january, back to you. >> beautiful but coldment look at the snow and ice, thank you >> good first impression, and the stage set for the eagles to take on the falcons. mere is lesley van arsdall with eyewitness sport. >> the falcons head today south philadelphia, the defending nfc champs went to l a and took care of the rams. second quarter, falcons with the ball, hand off to freeman, stopped just short of the gem line, but gets push from alex mack into the end zone. falcons lead by 13. matt ryan drops back. connect with jones for the touchdown. and the falcons will beat the rams 26 to 13. well, andy reid and the chiefs against titans. big red had 18-point lead at the half. tennessee came back, third quarter, titans in the red
7:46 am
zone. mario goes back, everyone is covered, scrambles to find time, runs, throws, the ball hit, to marietta, catches it, runs on in for the score. fourth quarter chiefs up five. drops back, hit decker for 22- yard touchdown. titans win first playoff game in 14 years. quick turn around for the flyers, another matinee at the center against the sane err, yesterday, claude giroux showed why he is the captain against the blues. and rookie tyrell making his n hl debut made impact right away, no score in the first, tyrell, check, scott kicks it up, beats jake allen and flyers take quick one-nothing lead. claude giroux, skates in, passes off blues player, and into the net. the league now two to nothing. in the second, voracek with a pass to jordan wheel. and he will do the rest. three-nothing, orange and black. later in the game, giroux with
7:47 am
a nice pass to sean, scores the first of two goals in the game. captain with a goal, two assists and the flyers beat the blues six to three. to college hoops. third ranked villanova had it a week to stew, last night they played marquette. fors half, bronson drives into the, draws defense, drops the dunk, dunks two hand, half time lead. second half, ball movement by nova. ends up in the hands of bronson. knocks down the triple. cats up by 13, bronson with 27 points. later, dan dante gets in on the fun, scoring here in the lay up, jay wright with will win his 400 game at villanova, 190 the final. >> drivings and hits the floater, hawks with a seven-point half time lead.
7:48 am
seconds half, led the hawks with 24-point, they beat the bonnies, 85 to 78. >> pen in the season opener against archrival princeton, second half, quakers up by three. ryan bently drivers. hits the tough shop in traffic ten up by five. led by 21 points. under minute left. lead to two. aj makes couple of moves. hits the hook. penn holds onto beat princeton 76 to 70. in other action, at tom gola arena, lasalle, second half explorers down by seven. makes the lay up. the old-fashioned three-point play. led the extrorse, the rams responds, jenkins, driving down the paint. he led ccu with 20-point. the final minute of the game. down by two. pal with the ball. jumper fall shorts. bcu comes back from 15-point deficit to win this 870-74. that's all for sport, i'm lesley van arsdall. have a nice day. stay warm.
7:49 am
speaking of staying warm, still to come this morning right here on "eyewitness news,. animal advocate carol erickson here with ways to pro tech your pet from the brutal sub freezing weather. real important information. we'll have that after the break.
7:50 am
♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
7:51 am
>> time now for the pet project with animal advocate after call and a kit then week , pancake. >> pancake six months olds, very special cat. jan, in every sense of that word.
7:52 am
and a very special person will be very lucky to have this little girl. we will be talking a little bit more about pancake coming up. but as you know, this weather, well, i don't suppose i would be invited back if i used words to describe the weather we are havingment it is cruel and inhumane, anyone sitting in their warm house looking at an animal schil erring in the backyard is also inhumane, hopefully some justice is coming for them and rescue for the animal. let me show you video. a lot of people say and lot every vets say a dog under 20 pounds might need a coat. many other dogs will, as well, because do not rely on their f ur to keep them warm. they need to be inside. for few people that have the arctic breeds, the husky, they're very few of those dogs around here. mostly you've got dogs that need to be in the house, in this casino every weather, and that's just the absolute bottom line. they can get frost cents by the just like people. the ears, the tip of the tail, and i don't know if you've
7:53 am
ever seen anybody walking, after the snowstorm that we had, iceballs can form in their feet, almost instant stand tape justly, as they walk out the door. they come from warm environment, iceballs, very painful to be on three legs, limp, extremely uncomfortable, not outside to do what you want them to do. couple of tips, though, that can help with that. now, people who have sled dogs , use a thing called mush err secrets, but you don't have to go to that extreme. you can find some petroleum jelly, some alovera gel, also cents just pam spray vegetable on the bottom of their feet, do it outside so it doesn't make a mess in your house, will keep the iceballs from forming. basically check your pets feet you don't want to keep them outside in this weather at all also, i know what a big cats lover you are. >> right. >> one of the big things to do , there are a lot of ferrell cats out there. they will find any place, because they're mobile, they'll get around, and they'll go into a car. knock on the hood before you
7:54 am
start your car. just in case they're in there, just warming, and warning thing to get them out of there also, a sturdy shelter, reliable food, that sort of thing, what you need to do. draw in any kind of an outdoor shelter for any of these ferrell cats, blankets, get wet, they stay wet. so they're just not good option for the outside pets. and also, report cruelty. you see cruelty out there, the pennsylvania spca, they're the ones, they've got humane law out there. and the number to call: 866- 601-spca. report any cruelty that you see because this is the kind of weather that is absolutely cruel. let me show you couple of animals that are for adoption right now at the pennsylvania spca. teddy, ten month old female dom he is he can short hair found by good samaritan brought in from the cold looking for her forever home, and in house right now but a cat, dog, also used litter box she is ready to move into a
7:55 am
house. pewter one year old male tabby , recently return to the shelter six months in a house prior to that, he was rescued as a victim every cruelty. he is very affectionate, he just is lovely as can be. and dallas, loves this dog, border collie people, pay attention, female, seven year old female border collie mix, brought in by humane law, she is great. she is very smart. she knows sit, sit down, lay down, speak, more, she loves tennis balls, treats, she is fabulous. that is a dog, dallas, and people that are smarter than the dog, because that dog is smart. >> let's talk about pancake. pancake has ch. that's a condition called it means that it is a neurological condition. she was cents born with. she doesn't walk. she skoots around on her own. she has a little harness-type thing that she can get around in. now, there are plenty of videos of this cat. and you can find them on adopt
7:56 am
pancake. that's on instagram. and definitely this cat for a special home, lovers to go on car rides, play with you. >> so unique. >> just doesn't walk around. >> i would love to take her for a little car ride. >> and as warm as can be. >> lap cap. warm you up. >> thanks, carol. remember to adopt any pet pspc a. 350 erie half, saturday ten to five, monday through friday one to eight. she is a gem. >> keep your pets inside and for pancake information k kelly at you can find out all about this beautiful girl. >> got to go to instagram right now. thank you, carol. that's it for "eyewitness news " at 7:00. here's what we have coming up for you at 8:00. the latest on water main break in the spring garden section of the city. and how that is having an impact this morning, on traveling the vine street expressway. we'll also have this. >> this is one lucky duck.
7:57 am
how group of eighth graders used 3d printing technology to them this farm animal known as peg get a new lease on life. we are back in a moment.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> just when you thought the deep freeze couldn't get any worse, waking to up some of the coldest air we've felt all
8:00 am
winter long. meteorologist, chelsey ingram, will tell us more about the mercury plummeting into record territory, and just how soon we will feel a warm up. all looking forward to. that will we'll also have this. >> our hearts are breaking. >> the philadelphia fire department, mourning the loss of one of their own. what we're learning about lou tenant matthew letourneau today, 42 year old firefighter killed during a battling a blaze in north philadelphia. >> we also have breaking news this morning, a traffic alert to passalong to you. a water main break, has shut down the vine street expressway in both directions. this break happened under the 17 street bridge, where the water filled and then turned into ice. philadelphia police are detouring westbound traffic on the vine street expressway to the broad street exit. it is closed the entire lent of eastbound. we will update you on this is road conditions in just a few minute. today is


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